Ba Be National Park

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Ba Be Lake, 150 miles north of Hanoi, is Vietnam’s largest natural lake – although on closer inspection you find that it is actually made up of three adjoined lakes, namely Pe Lam, Pe Lu and Pe Leng. When considered as one entity the lake totals just over 4 miles in length, but at less than a mile across at it’s widest Ba Be feels more like a large river.

The water is enclosed by densely forested limestone karst mountains, a landscape which also encompass waterfalls, rivers, valleys, lakes, and caves – thus creating picturesque Ba Be National Park. Tay, Dzao and H’Muong ethnic minorities inhabit the region and the surrounding woodlands are home to 300 animal species such as wild pigs, bears, panthers and monkeys.

Accommodation is basic. You either stay in local guesthouses or with local families. It is hoped that the warmth of the welcome and friendliness of your hosts will compensate for any lack of comfort.

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