Kon Tum

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Kon Tum is a small and peaceful town in the highlands, nestled by the Dakbla River. The town is in the heart of a seriously beautiful district, absolutely pristine and where hill-tribe culture remains very much intact. Primarily inhabited by Montagnards (Bahnar, the J’rai and the Sedang), the villages are surrounded by lakes, rivers and mountains.

The main religion of the Montagnards is Roman Catholic, introduced by the French missionaries who first visited the area in the 19th century and this is very much evident in the spectacular old churches and schools. Kon Tum itself was the first settlement discovered by French missionaries in the central highlands in 1848, the town still retains vestiges of ancient cathedral architecture. Explore the region with your guide. To this day, this is a region largely unspoilt by tourism and in a number of villages you can find the extraordinary Rong houses with their distinctive high roofs. In total, there are over 650 villages in the province.

It is possible to organise an overnight stay in one of these ethnic houses where you can attend an evening of traditional music, dancing and drinking rice wine.

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